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We offer free estimates for every job. It starts with the onsite field measurement. If we already know what the customer wants for flooring, we can deliver the estimate right after the measurement-on the spot. If, at that time, the customer has not chosen a product, then half of the estimate is already done and we can complete it back at the store with them. In-stock carpet, tile, vinyl, LVT, laminate, and hardwood can all be installed the next day. Orders usually take between 7-10 days depending on if the product is in-stock or still has to be produced at the mill. This timeline applies to all types of floors.


Northern Colorado Carpets Free Estimate Request

Estimate Request Form

Have a project that you are ready to get an estimate to complete? Great! Use the link below or click here to access our FREE FLOORING ESTIMATE FORM. Simply complete a few fields and we'll schedule a time to come give you a visit, perform a few measurements, and provide you with a custom quote to complete the work for absolutely nothing! 100% FREE! Nothing to loose and everything to gain.

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Northern Colorado Carpets Quick Bid Form

Quick Bid Form

Our FREE QUICK BID FORM is designed for those already knowing exactly what they need and how much of it. If you have already gone through the measurement process, know your desired materials, and simply looking for a price, well this form is for you! Rather than us showing up on site or at your location, we'll simply draft up a quick bid, shoot it back to you and you'll have your price in no time.

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