Four of the Best Flooring Trends for Your 2021 Project

You survived 2020, and 2021 is like a breath of fresh air. Whether you are ready to upgrade your home office or just want a new look for the new year, the team at Northern Colorado Carpets has you covered. We’ll walk you through some of the best flooring trends for 2021 to get you inspired.

1- Waterproof Options

There’s many compelling reasons behind why waterproof options are high on the list of flooring trends for 2021. Since we are spending more time at home, waterproof flooring options are on the rise. Next time you accidentally dump your water bottle during yoga or your at-home student knocks over their juice, you don’t have to worry about permanent flooring damage.

Waterproof flooring is versatile because it has many custom appearance options and can be installed anywhere in the house. Whatever you want the vibe of the room to be, you can pick a visual to match. View our waterproof flooring options here.


2- Floor Framing

You don’t have to break the bank to spice up your space. Floor framing is rearranging the directional placement of your preferred material. It can be done in many ways and can make the simplest room more interesting. 

Is there a certain object or area of the room you want to showcase? Or maybe you want to add some unique details in the corners of the room? There are endless opportunities for a personalized touch with floor framing, contact us to start brainstorming today.

3- Vinyl Flooring

There is a type of vinyl flooring for every budget and style preference. For a classic look, you can go for sheet vinyl. If you’re ready to up the ante, try a beautiful luxury tile option. It’s long-lasting, warm, and easy to maintain. 

Both options come in a variety of looks and textures that can adapt to any style. As flooring technology advances, natural prints such as wood and stone are becoming startlingly realistic. On the other hand, there’s a wide variety of fun patterns if you’re looking to shake things up. You’ll reap the benefits of a gorgeous appearance without difficult upkeep.

4- Decorative Tiles

Expressing your own style is a common theme in 2021 flooring trends. When it comes to tile, you can choose many different paths. For a luxurious feel, try a marble-like tile. If you like warm spaces, some stone options might be the best pick for you. You can also try a deco/listello style for something extra funky.

Another unique option is to choose different-shaped tiles or arrange them in a unique way. This will give added texture to your room without making it too distracting. Learn more about our tile options here.


Choose Northern Colorado Carpets to Bring Your Vision to Life

We hope that you found some inspiration from these 2021 flooring trends. If you’re ready to discuss your ideas, contact us today. Our team is friendly, and we pride ourselves in offering top-of-the-line service at competitive prices. You can also request a free estimate here. We look forward to meeting you and creating a space that you love!


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