Northern Colorado Carpets: More than Flooring

We do more than flooring! While we offer an impressive selection of carpethardwoodtileLVT vinyllaminate with green and waterproof options, the application of these options can go beyond just your floors.

In addition to flooring installation, we specialize in backsplashes, fireplaces, listellos, bath panelling, and more. 
Explore the craftsmanship and expertise showcased in our Northern Colorado Carpets Flooring gallery, featuring stunning flooring installations and jobs executed by our team. Each image tells a story of precision, quality, and dedication to transforming spaces into inviting and stylish environments. From sleek hardwood finishes to plush carpet installations, our gallery captures the diverse range of flooring solutions that our team has successfully delivered. Immerse yourself in the artistry of Northern Colorado Carpets, where every project reflects our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.