We’ve all seen it before: a tile breaks the standard pattern and stands out like a sore thumb, a piece of laminate doesn’t lay quite flat, there is an obvious gap in the wooden panels, or the carpet just peels up- bad flooring jobs happen. Whether this was a DIY project gone wrong, or your contractor made a mistake, it is perfectly understandable that you want the problem resolved so that your floor isn’t a distracting eyesore (yes, we intentionally made that rhyme).

If you’re working with a contractor, they may be willing to fix it if you bring it to their attention. Otherwise, you might be stuck looking for other solutions.

If you purchased one of our many excellent flooring types, of course, we are always happy to work with you to get it installed, so that your home looks beautiful. We are proud to put our customers first to ensure customer success.

If the above situations didn’t apply to you, that is okay! There is still hope!

Vinyl Solutions:

  1. Vinyl Putty- an awesome solution to laminate gaps! We recommend this for gaps that are less 1/8th of an inch. If your vinyl floor has multiple shades, such as a faux wood vinyl, you may want to consider buying the putty in multiple shades and layering it to create a seamless appearance. If you do this, remember to start with the darkest shade, and add the lighter shades. If you’re not sure which shades you need, we may be able to help! Give us a call!
  2. Touch-Up Markers- these can be used to clean up scratches and scrapes that have occurred on the vinyl.
  3. Spray Foam- this can be used to fill in gaps between the vinyl and the foundation. To accomplish this kind of fix, you will first need an air inflation needle to use as an extension of the can of spray form, and masking tape to protect the surface of the vinyl. You would first want to drill a small hole in the area of the gap, then use the foam/needle to insert the foam directly into the hole to even out the floor. Then, of course, use vinyl putty to repair the hole that was drilled.

Carpet Solutions:

  1. Seam Sealer, and matching carpet patches – these tools, when used together, can fix and hide fraying carpets, and when carpets seams split. The sealer is like a glue that is specifically for carpet. To ensure a clean look, you will want to cut out the frayed spots, and seal the new carpet in the spot that you cut out. You can hide the seam by easily steaming the carpets.

Wood Solutions:

Note: Wood flooring repairs can be a bit more challenging, and it therefore may not be a great idea to DIY these kinds of repairs unless you’re a particularly handy person, especially considering how expensive it can be to replace wood. This may be a project for a general contractor, or us, if the flooring needs to be replaced.

  1. For small stains, you can sand the air with 100-grit paper, and then clean the stain with mineral spirits, and apply fresh stain to match it.

Alternative Solutions:

  1. Hide the damaged area- using an area rug, or re-arrange your furniture!  
  2. Hide the area with a removable, tile floor decal
  3. Prevent the problem to begin with by working with a professional!

We would love to be the professionals that work with you! We can offer expert advice on a multitude of flooring solutions, as well as help you install the flooring so it gets done correctly, the first time.

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