The Different Types of Hardwood Part 2

The Different Types of Hardwood Part 2 Thanks for keeping up with our blog! Today’s post is a continuation of a previous topic: comparing different types of hardwood. Click Here for Part 1 Hickory Hardwood Floors Hickory is one of the more popular of the choices...

How Well Do Robot Vacuums Work on Different Floor Types?

How Well Do Robot Vacuums Work on Different Floor Types? In today’s post about floor maintenance, we are going to discuss something that might be considered slightly adjacent to typical floor care. We will be discussing how well robot vacuums work for different floor...

The Different Types of Hardwood Floors

The Different Types of Hardwood Floors   In a world of carpets, vinyl’s, linoleum, engineered wood, and more, hardwood floors are still are one of the most popular options for flooring. Despite the higher cost, maintenance and care requirements, it remains a...

Comparing Residential Flooring to Commercial Flooring

When a business buys its first building or starts construction on a building, whether it is a warehouse, an office, or a storefront, flooring likely does not cross their mind. After all, they are likely focused on the plethora of business decisions that they need to...

Protecting Wood Floors

You just installed (or better yet, had us install) a beautiful, brand new wood floor. As you may have read in some of our other blog posts, wood floors can easily be damaged. However, there are many preventative measures that will help preserve and protect your floor....

Renovation Inspiration: Flooring Trends of 2023

Renovation Inspiration: Flooring Design Trends of 2023 Now, we’re a little impartial to flooring, but we believe selecting new flooring is one of the best parts of any renovation! Choosing new flooring is a big decision in the renovation process because most people...





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