This is the first part of an ongoing series where we review different flooring trends and discuss the aesthetic, and manufacturers that create great versions of it.

Today’s review will be covering a specific, and unique look: Black Shower Floor Tiles.

The exact origins of tile floor are not currently known, but it is commonly believed that they were invented around 1000 BCE. The earliest examples of tiles have been found in China and in Egypt, and began as an art form, but eventually took the form of the flooring. As a matter of fact, it is believed that the black and white, checkerboard style of tile is believed to have originated in ancient Egypt. Tile flooring became popular in Europe sometime within the 1700s, with the black/white checker combination making a comeback in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Victorian Era, and even in the 1960s. Black and white checkered tiles are a timeless look that has lost and regained popularity across the entire record of modern history. Plain black tiles, however, have only become popular within the last decade.


The Look: Black Shower Floor Tiles

Black tiles create a look and feel that is dramatic, sophisticated, mature, and modern, even though it references a timeless trend (the checkered floor). Using black tiles for a bathroom, or more specifically, in a shower, will create a level of depth that can help the space appear larger than it actually is when paired with light-colored walls. Black shower floor tiles will help anything else in the area, such as an accent rug, or decorative towels, pop in a way that vividly accents the richness of the room.

While black shower floor tiles can be beautiful and elegant, it is important to consider what area they will cover, what material of tile to use, and the shape of the tile. For those who might not want to stray too far from a traditional tile, it might be good to pick a traditional square or rectangle black tile with a white grout, or perhaps a black tile with a subtle marble to it, such as this Black Storm by our supplier, Shaw Floors. For those who want something a bit unique, a black penny round (also by Shaw Floors) is an excellent choice.


Black Shower Floor Tile Cleaning and Maintenance

When it comes to the maintenance of black tile, we first must discuss the material and placement of the tile. The most popular type of tile used on showers are glazed ceramic, glazed porcelain, and stone. Of the three of these, natural stone is the hardest to clean because, unlike ceramic and porcelain, it will not have a protective glaze that keeps water and dirt out of the material. Because of this, it might be more challenging to clean a beautiful stone selection, like the Coal Splitface model, by our supplier Florida Tile. That being said, the natural color variations in stone tiles are excellent at hiding dirt.

In general, black shower floor tiles will easily hide grime, but will likely show water spots. Sometimes, the quality of minerals in tap water can create a white residue on the top of tiles, making them appear lighter. A tile pattern that has a slight marbling effect or a natural stone look might more easily hide water marks than a pure glazed surface. Glazed tiles are effortless to clean, and can be cleaned either with a store-bought solution, or homemade vinegar mixtures. Cleaning a shower grout is considered to be much more difficult, so a dark colored grout might be a better option for those who do not enjoy cleaning.


Black Shower Floor Tiles Summary

While black shower floor tiles have a chic and elegant look that pays homage to a historically defined classic interior design choice, their appearance is also dramatic and strikingly modern in a way that might not appeal to everyone. Even within the realm of black shower floor tiles, many different looks can be created between the shape of the tiles, the material of the tiles, and the color of the grout. Before committing to black shower floor tiles, it is important to consider the maintenance commitment that you wish to make, and select your tile material accordingly.

Finally, we do want to mention that installing tile yourself can be a laborious process, and that it can be expensive to fix if it is done incorrectly. When you buy black shower floor tiles with Northern Colorado Carpets, we can install them for you to save you both time and money. Stop into our showroom today to see our tile options, or give us a call for a free quote!

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