Floor tiles come in a myriad of shapes, each contributing to the overall aesthetics of your space in a unique way. Understanding the various tile shapes allows you to make informed design decisions that align with your vision. In this guide, we’ll explore different floor tile shapes, discussing their characteristics and how they can enhance the beauty of your home.

**1. Square Tiles:

  • Classic and Timeless: Square tiles are a timeless choice, offering a classic and symmetrical look. They are versatile and work well in various design styles, from traditional to modern.

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**2. Rectangular Tiles (Subway Tiles):

  • Elongated Elegance: Rectangular tiles, commonly known as subway tiles, add a touch of elegance and elongate the visual perception of a space. They are popular for creating clean and sophisticated designs.

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**3. Hexagonal Tiles:

Geometric Charm: Hexagonal tiles bring a sense of geometry and charm to a space. They are ideal for creating intricate patterns and can add visual interest to floors in both traditional and contemporary settings.

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**4. Octagonal Tiles:

  • Classic and Nostalgic: Octagonal tiles, often combined with square or dot accents, have a classic and nostalgic appeal. They are reminiscent of vintage designs and can be used to create stunning patterns.

Octagonal Tiles

**5. Diamond Tiles:

  • Dynamic and Playful: Diamond-shaped tiles offer a dynamic and playful design element. When laid diagonally, they can create visually striking patterns, adding movement to the floor.


**6. Penny Round Tiles:

  • Timeless and Whimsical: Penny round tiles, small and circular, bring a touch of whimsy to any space. They are a timeless choice that can be used to create intricate mosaic patterns or as an accent to larger tiles.

Penny Round Tiles

**7. Moroccan or Encaustic Tiles:

  • Artistic and Vibrant: Moroccan or encaustic tiles feature intricate patterns and vibrant colors. They add a touch of artistic flair to floors, making them a statement piece in eclectic or bohemian-inspired interiors.

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**8. Chevron and Herringbone Tiles:

Dynamic Patterns: Chevron and herringbone patterns involve arranging rectangular tiles at angles, creating dynamic and visually interesting patterns. These patterns add a modern and sophisticated touch to floors.

Herringbone LVT - Fort Collins LVT Flooring - Carpet, hardwood, tile, vinyl, laminate

**9. Fish Scale Tiles:

Mermaid-Inspired Elegance: Fish scale tiles, also known as fan tiles, evoke a sense of oceanic elegance. They are a popular choice for creating unique and eye-catching floors, often used in bathrooms or as accent features.


**10. Irregular Shapes (Freeform Tiles):

  • Creative Freedom: Irregular or freeform tiles offer creative freedom, allowing for the design of unique and custom patterns. They are perfect for those seeking a one-of-a-kind look.


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