Renovation Inspiration: Flooring Design Trends of 2023

Now, we’re a little impartial to flooring, but we believe selecting new flooring is one of the best parts of any renovation! Choosing new flooring is a big decision in the renovation process because most people plan to keep the new flooring as long as they can. As time goes on, interior design and décor trends will change, but your flooring should remain for much longer.


In this post, we will cover both timeless looks, and trends of the year. Please note that popular over-all looks for the year play a large emphasis on neutrals, warmth, and simplicity.

Timeless Classics


The Year of the Tile

Tile truly never goes out of style, and the reasons why are obvious – they’re durable, water-resistant, low maintenance, and easy to clean. This year, however, there is a unique twist to this time-loved classic: large, beige tiles.

textured tan sand colored tiles

Whether it is flagstone, limestone, sandstone, or porcelain, it is becoming increasingly popular to add neutrally toned stone flooring to common areas with a lot of traffic, such as kitchens. These colors give a visual appearance of warmth, while retaining a serious tone and the ability to compliment a large variety of colors for walls, cabinetry, and décor.

One hesitation that some express about tile floors is how cold they can be. A great solution to this concern is to consider radiant heating for your floors.

Wood Flooring Patterns

Wood is also a time-loved classic, but this time, it is back with a twist: an emphasis on the unique patterns of wood and using them in new ways. Knots in a wood floor were once something to be avoided, but they are now celebrated. Embrace the textures:


hardwood floor - Fort Collins Flooring - Carpet, hardwood, tile, vinyl, laminate - Northern Colorado Carpets

Chevron Panels and Large-Format Wood Patterns

Here is where classics get a fun, modern twist! Patterned paneling embraces this year’s love of neutrals and textures all in one. It is dynamic, interesting to look at, but doesn’t distract from the overall room.


Wood Combinations

Can’t decide between blonde woods, or deep rich colors? Good news- you don’t have to! Alternating panels of woods of multiple tones is a unique new look that gives a room plenty of depth in color and contrast.


hardwood floor - Fort Collins Flooring - Carpet, hardwood, tile, vinyl, laminate - Northern Colorado Carpets

Wood flooring remains a popular choice because it is long-lasting and cost effective, low maintenance and easy to clean. It is considered by many to be a sustainable flooring choice because trees can be regrown, and because it is so beautiful, it can increase the value of your home.

Exotic Trends

Waste Composites


According to Trend bible, recycled materials will find their way into being repurposed in homes soon! Colorful composites can be an exciting, colorful, and environmentally conscious selection for both furniture and flooring.


Clever Transitions

You know that funny little line where the tile meets the wood? For some homes, this is no longer a line, but an opportunity for a statement piece that both flatters and inspires.

While there are plenty of new and exotic trends, flooring classics remain popular. Embracing warmth, openness and neutrals remains popular for the time being.


If you need help deciding what flooring is best for your home, we would love to help you out. Give us a call!

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