Why Should I have My Carpets Steam Cleaned?

If you’ve ever rented a house, apartment, or home with carpet, they’ve probably required you to hire a company to steam your carpets before you moved out. But what exactly does it do and why is it so important?


Steaming your carpet removes dirt that gets trapped in carpet, especially in high-pile carpets.  Steam provides a much deeper clean and get help remove deeply embedded particles, or at the very least, loosen them.

One great thing about steam cleaners is that because they use steam, they do not as heavily rely on chemical cleaners. Most steam cleaners will still use some, relatively small quantity of cleaning detergent to help remove those tough spots.

It is by far the most efficient and effective method for removing not only stains, dirt, pathogens, fungi, bacteria, and pet allergens, but also pollutants! In Colorado, with our high populations and regular wildfires, our air quality index can sometimes have a poor rating. Carpet can trap pollutants, and decrease the quality of air inside your home, but steam cleaning can improve the air quality of your home.

But how does it work?

Steam cleaners heat water up to 360 degrees Fahrenheit in a tank that creates a high amount of pressure on the water. This produces a water vapor, which is then projected into the carpet fibers using one of the cleaner attachments. These attachments are like the attachments you might find on a vacuum.

Because steam cleaners only operate using water vapor, or steam, the carpet can naturally dry very quickly. This decreases the risks of mold, or mildew forming in the carpet.

Regularly steaming your carpets extends the life of your carpet and is a great way to refresh it when it is looking dull or feeling dull to the touch.


When should I have my carpets steamed?

The general rule of thumb when it comes to best carpet-maintenance-practices is every 12-24 months. However, if you have pets, it can be beneficial to steam much more frequently, such as every 6 weeks. Of course, if you are not bothered by pet dander, or the dirt that your dog may track in, you can steam clean to the frequency of your discretion.

As previously mentioned, if you rent, your landlord may require you to steam clean before or after you move in or out. It is also a great idea to steam the carpet of your home when you are trying to sell it, as that can improve the look of the flooring and make it more attractive to potential buyers.


How can I get my carpets steamed?

If you’re looking for an expert, Koala T Carpet is a local group that does a great job cleaning carpets both in residential and commercial properties and are available for hire.

If you are more of a DIY kind of person, you can rent or buy a steam cleaner from Rug Doctor, which is another local company to the Fort Collins area.


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