Carpet Flooring

Our showroom offers a large variety of high quality carpet brands, styles, stain/soil fighting technologies, fiber content, and environmentally friendly/green carpets. They all include their own warranties as well. We have carpets to match any application from high traffic commercial spaces to luxury homes and everything in between.

Additionally, we stock between 2-3 styles of carpet for quick installation.  These are particularly useful for people listing a home for sale and need a fresh look or for quick turnarounds on rental properties.

Carpet Flooring Care

Routine vacuuming will extend the life of any carpet. Use caution with the beater bar setting for looped carpets/berbers/thick shags. This could snag one of the loops and longer yarns could wrap around the bar. We also recommend only using professional carpet cleaning companies with truck mounted units. The do-it-yourself machines only cause damage and can void warranties. Do not let stains sit long and remove as much of the excess food/drink as possible before gently absorbing the rest. Always blot and never rub! Add weight/pressure after blotting to absorb the rest of the stain.

Our Top Brands:

  • Shaw’s “ClearTouch” & “Anso-Nylon” Carpets
  • Mohawk’s “Everstrand” & “Smartstrand” Carpets
  • Dream Weaver Carpets
  • Phenix Carpets
  • Dixie Carpets
  • Lonesome Oak Carpets
  • Patriot Carpets
  • Anderson Tuftex
  • Tarkett
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