Frequently Asked Carpet & Flooring Questions

Below we have compiled a list of our more frequently asked questions to better assist you regarding carpet, flooring and installation.

If you don’t see an answer to any question you may have please contact us (970) 226-6800 anytime.

Q: What all do we install?
A: We have installers for every type of floor we carry…Carpet, tile, vinyl, hardwood, bamboo, cork, laminate, and vinyl tiles/planks.
Q: What is included in the free estimate?
A: Our estimates include materials, installation, freight (if applies), and tax. There are a few other charges that may apply depending on the floor type, but they are always shown in a line-item format for the customer. No hidden fees or surprises will show up on the final bill.
Q: What dimensions are your prices based on?
A: Carpet and sheet vinyl are priced per square yard. Everything else is priced per square foot. To convert square feet to square yards, divide the square feet by 9.
Q: Do you price match?
A: No. Generally, we do not need to price match. Our prices are not inflated to begin with. This goes back to our family business philosophy of treating people right and offering quality products for every budget.
Q: Do you offer "buy 2 rooms, get 1 free" type deals?
A:These are usually deceiving offers and the customer ends up paying a lot more for the “other rooms” to get that third one free, for example. We are up front and honest about every line-item in the estimate. We do offer seasonal promotions and always pass on our savings to the customer whenever possible.
Q: Do you offer financing options?

A: We are happy to help you finance your new flooring and professional installation. We offer a financing option, and we can help you find a payment method that’s right for your specific budget. Call us for more information at (970) 226-6800.

Q: Do your products carry a warranty?

A: Our product warranties vary by product type, such as hardwood vs. carpet. However, we honor all installations for as long as the customer lives where the installation has been done. Call us at (970) 226-6800 for more information.


Q: Do all carpets have stain fighting agents?
A:Yes. Our carpets carry one stain fighting technology or another. There have been a lot of advancements in soil/stain resistance for carpet and we carry brands that have anti-microbial agents and air freshening technology as well.
Q: Will I see the seams in my new carpet?
Seams are not 100% invisible. However, our installers are extremely professional and experienced so we rarely run into this issue. Seams may also be discussed with the customer during the field measurement to determine where they will be or where the customer would like them to be.
Q: What is the difference between Nylon and Polyester carpet fibers?
A: Both fibers have positives and negatives. For example, polyester is inherently colorfast and fights stains better, however, nylons tend to be more durable and can wear better. We do not lean one way or the other. Our job is to inform the customer of the differences and match the product to their needs.
Q: Can I keep the existing pad and just get a new carpet?
A: In most cases, we strongly recommend not doing this. It voids warranties, keeps dirt and soil that can resurface, and will not last the lifetime of the new carpet.
Q: Is "Engineered Hardwood" still real hardwood?
A: Yes. It has a wear layer of natural wood that is applied over plies. It is basically a slice of solid hardwood on top.
Q: Can I refinish Engineered Hardwood?

A: No. Unlike solid hardwood, engineered hardwood has a small wear layer than cannot be sanded and refinished without sanding through the layer to the plies.

Q: Why does my Solid Hardwood seem to be shrinking/splintering?
A: Colorado is such an arid state that solid hardwood can sometimes shrink or splinter at the seams. Floating and engineered hardwood tend to hold up better in the dryness. Solids need more humidity. This is not an every time occurrence, but it is something to consider, especially with wider planks.
Q: Will I have a lot of left over material after the job is done?
A: No. We measure in a certain way to minimize waste and save the customer money. There may be a few extra boxes of tile, hardwood, etc…to allow for any factory faults, but we will give a credit back to the customer if they do not want the remaining unopened materials.
Q: Can I just buy materials from you?
A: Yes. We can simply sell the materials to the customer if they have someone else lined up to install. We are Do-It-Yourself Friendly!
Q: Will the sun affect the color of my floor?
A: Yes. Rooms that receive direct sunlight will have faded floors over time. We recommend UV coverings on the windows/doors to help combat this side effect.
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