How To Remove Ink from Carpet

Ink is considered to be one of the notoriously difficult things to remove from carpet. Luckily, it has been done before, and there are many different methods to accomplish this. So how do you remove ink from carpet?


Isopropyl Alcohol Method

One way to remove ink from carpet is to begin by dabbing, or blotting (not to be confused with rubbing) the stain to absorb excess liquid. Then, soak with just enough alcohol to cover the stain. After the alcohol has soaked for a minute or two, blot. Repeat these steps until the ink stain is completely removed.

If needed, you can also use a toothbrush to massage the alcohol into the deeper fibers that the liquid may have not previously reached.

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Cornstarch and Milk

Begin by mixing a couple spoonfuls of cornstarch and milk, just enough to create a thick paste. Then, apply the paste on the stay, and allow to dry (this may take a few hours). Then, use a vacuum to remove any remnants from the ink.


Dish Soap Method

After blotting the excess liquid away with a paper towel, you can create your own cleaning mixture. A combination of 50% dish soap and 50% water is a powerful little cleaner that will help remove ink from your carpet. Blot the area dry, and repeat as needed.

Please note: this method works best for water-based inks.

Shaving Cream Method

Spraying shaving creak directly on the spot can lighten the ink stain! Then, you will want to dab/blot with a wet sponge, and repeat as needed.

Please note: this method works best for permanent inks, such as sharpie ink.


Hair Spray Method

As always, blot away any excess liquid. Then, cover the spot with a fresh paper towel and spray an alcohol-based hairspray directly on the ink stain. After a minute or two, the stain will lift into the paper towel. Repeat as needed.

Please note: this may work best for ballpoint ink.


The Vinegar Method

Create a mixture that is 50% white vinegar, and 50% water. Then, apply the mixture to the ink stain, and use a paper towel or damp cloth to blot the area. Repeat as needed, and it the ink will be gone!


The Ammonia Method


Add one tablespoon of ammonia to a half cup of water, and transfer to a spray bottle. Use the bottle to spray the ink spot, and allow it to sit for a minute or two. Then, dab or blot the area until it is removed.


One thing to note about any of these methods is that many cleaners used may leave a residual texture, or the scent of the cleaner. Once the stain is removed, it is a good idea to resolve this by flushing the area with cold water, and dabbing up the excess liquid. If the smell does not bother you, but the texture does, you can always scrape at the carpet with a fork, and vacuum up the area.


We hope this helped! For more helpful information on floor care, and fascinating floor information, follow our blog!

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